StarCar Rent-a Car


Q: What are the rental requirements?
A: You must have a valid driver’s license and credit card to present, in your name, at the time of rental. If you will be declining our coverage options, proof of insurance may be required when you pick up your vehicle.

Q: What are the age limits for renting?
A: You must be at least 21 years old to rent a compact or economy car from City Rent a Car and must be over 25 to rent all other classes and models. Drivers between 21 and 24 incur a daily EUR 5 higher risk charge. No one under the age of 21 may be listed as a driver regardless if they are a primary or secondary driver.

Q:Can I drive my car outside Macedonia?
A: Yes you can drive outside Macedonia.You need to pay for green card for each country where you will be drive (with exseption if there is some promotion of StarCar).

Q:What are the credit card requirements?
A:StarCar Rent A Car accepts all of the major credit cards listed below. Debit cards are accepted in some cases. They can be used to pay for accrued charges at the end of the rental, however. A minimum of EUR 200 (500EUR in some cases) must be available on your charge card at the time you pick up your car.
Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club.

Q:What are the driver’s license requirements?
A:StarCar Rent A Car will accept a valid license issued by any country, territory, or possession. A country that participated in the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic or the 1943 Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automobile Traffic.
The driver’s license must be an original, be present at the time of rental, and be in the name of the person picking up the car. StarCar Rent A Car will not accept a faxed copy of the license.

Q:Child Seats / Infant Seats?
A:Please ask about child seats at the time of reservation – we will supply one for you, but you must install the equipment yourself.

Q:Can the rental car be delivered or picked up?
A:We provide delivery to all local hotels. Delivery is generally available during office hours only.
Delivery within Macdonia is available based on vehicle requested, length of rental, and our delivery/drop-off fees. Please inquire.
We are happy to provide a free customer pick-up service within a designated area (generally 20 km around each office). By agriment we can delivery car evriwhere, just there will be some exstra charges depend from delivery location.

Q:How do I cancel my rental reservation?
A:Canceling an existing reservation of an Economy, Compact or Mid-size car generally will not incur a penalty charge, however we do appreciate you to cancel as soon as possible. When cancelling a specialty car of any kind (SUV, van, convertible, etc), we generally ask for at least a 72 hour notice before the reservation date/time. Reservations cancelled within this 72 hours or that customers never call or show up for may incur a charge of one days rate for the reserved car class.

Q:What is the charge for km?
A:Some vehicles in the compact-fullsize categories are rented with unlimited miles, as stated on your contract. We may offer a lower daily rate with a mileage limit, however. We allow some free miles with each specialty vehicle rental. It varies with different models. Excess miles are charged at a rate between cent0.25 and cent.0.50 per km.

Q:What is City Rent A Car’s policy for additional drivers?
A:Additional drivers are subject to the same qualifications as the primary driver.
There is no additional charge for additional drivers, but all drivers must be present at the time of rental to sign the contract and provide their valid license and major credit card in their own name for inspection

Q:Do you handle insurance replacement rentals?
A:Long term and insurance rates are available. Direct billing can often be arranged. Please inquire.

Q:GPS Navigation units
A:We offer portable GPS Navigation devices — inquire about these at the rental counter.
Holiday Hours?
Please call us to discuss arrangements. Closed New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Q:Am I guaranteed a specific vehicle?
A:We will do our very best to provide you with the vehicle of your choice. We have no control over vehicles not being returned by customers on time or if the vehicle is returned with physical or mechanical damage.