StarCar Rent-a Car

Terms and Conditions

General rental information
The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 2 years.
Driving license printed with non Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic etc) must be complemented by an International driving license.
Please show a valid ID card or passport at time of pick up.
The mentioned car types are indicative only and there is the possibility to be provided a car with the same standards.
Rates are calculated on the basis of collection/return to the same rental location. Rental days are calculated on a 24-Hour basis from the vehicle pick up. There is a gross period of two (3) hours at the drop off time. Over two (3) hours delayed renter will be charged an additional day.
Any additional charge for extra equipment’s will be paid locally.

Minimum Rental
Minimum rental is one (1) day.

Conditions of Payment
A Credit Card at driver’s name is always required. All major credit cards are accepted (VISA, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO). Payment is possible with credit card, debit card, prepaid card and cash.

Returnable deposit
StarCar rentals require a returnable deposit to be left in cash or guaranteed by credit card for each car. If the car is returned in same condition as taken, the deposit will be released after the inspection of the car. If the returned car is covered with dirt or its not possible by some reason, inspection of the car will be taken after the car wash procedure. In that case cash deposit will be returned by Western Union and all additional costs will be client responsibility.
Deposit amount is in range from 250 – 600 euro depending of car type.

Border crossing policy
Border crossing is allowed by request for all Balcan countries, countries of European Union and Turkey. Additional charge will be applied and the price vary depending in which countries the car will be driven.

Insurance policy
Third Party Insurance (TI)
Protection coverage for the vehicle includes Third Party Liability with a maximum cover of EUR 50,000.- for personal injuries and material damages. Protection coverage is limited to Europe only.
Excluded from the protection is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. All protection as part of the rental contract will become void, in particular, if an unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle does not possess the required driver’s license at the time of the event giving rise to claim.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Collision Damage Waiver removes the driver’s responsibility to a part of the vehicle in case of damage. .Damage insurance is not valid in the following cases:
The car is driven after alcohol or drugs.
In case of accident or damage no police report for insurance occurrence is presented upon returning the car.
Renter has allowed another person not authorized in the Contract or not having a driver’s license to drive the car.
The car tires are damaged not as a result of fire or car accident.
The Renter deliberately damages the car or its accessories.

Tire and Glass Coverage (GT)
Tire and Glass Coverage provides cover against the consequences of damages on tires, windscreen, side windows, back window, mirror glass, wheel covers and rims.
If GT is not accepted the customer will be held liable for the full value of damages on tires, windscreen, side windows and back window. If GT is accepted, customer is only responsible for the following amounts: EUR 0.-.

Theft Protection (TP)
Theft Protection removes the driver’s responsibility to a part of the vehicle in case of theft.
Theft insurance is not valid in the following cases:
The car is left unlocked.
The car is left with the car documents inside.
If the client lost the key of the car.

Personal Accident Protection (PAI)
By taking out personal accident protection can also be extended to cover the consequences of an accident.

Fuel policy
All the car will be provided with full tank and should be returned the same.
Additional charge will be applied at higher rate if there is a missing fuel.

After hour charge
Working time of the office is from 08.00h until 20.00h. Reservations which time of pick up is after 20.00h will be additional charge of 15 euros (VAT included).

Important 1
In case if client losses or damage the car keys, license plates, documents and interior of the car will be charged from 100 euros until 500 euros.
If the client don’t return the car 24 hours after the agreed time and without contacting the company, vehicle will be reported as stolen.

Important 2
Your reservation will become valid soon as you receive e-mail with confirmation of the reservation. Without our confirmation, your reservation will not be valid.